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 We fly out of Kansas City on United Airlines.
  There are limitations:  Nothing over 20lbs or over 6 mo of age for flat-faced breeds.
 You will need to make arrangements to pick up your puppy at the airport on days that we can ship.
  Shipping is $350 depending on the destination.
**The shipping costs INCLUDE:   Airfare,  Shipping Crate,  Flight Health  Certificate,  Flight Insurance,  Microchip,  Airport Trip. 
We try to ship pups to major airports as close to you as we can.  Some airports and airlines are not accepting live animals and others do not accept flat-faced breeds at this time.  We are hoping that this breed discrimanation will be resolved. Contact us to see how close we can get. 
If you have questions about shipping please contact me or you can contact my agents.  EXPRESS JETS DO NOT CARRY LIVE ANIMALS.
  Shipping of pups is very safe and successful.
Please understand that the delivery of a puppy by air can possibly mean the usual problems encountered by the general public when they fly.  There can be flight delays, weather delays and/or cancellations.  Changes are covered but there will be no reimbursement for your time if this happens.
We rarely encounter these problems and every effort is made to get your pup to you on schedule and safely.  If flights are canceled before I get to the airport the puppy will remain under my care.   When shipping....... THE PUPPY COMES FIRST.
As always, you are more than welcome to come and pick up your puppy at our home.  We would love to have you come by.  Please call and make an appointment to do so.
I can meet if within a 75 mile radius of my home.  This can only occur  when I  feel comfortable leaving my dogs for the travel time that it takes to meet you.  So please keep in mind that there will need to be compromise on a delivery date. 


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